Skin Cancer/MOHS surgery

Post Mohs Eyelid Reconstruction

Eyelid tissue may be sacrificed for the clearance of a cancerous tumor or from an unexpected trauma. Regardless of the reason for tissue loss, it is important for the reconstruction of the eyelids to be performed by an oculoplastic surgeon or someone who is knowledgeable in the surgical anatomy and reconstructive techniques of the eyelids. Dr Zatezalo may recruit tissue from the area surrounding the eye, use tissue at a distant side of the body (i.e. mouth, ear, leg), or use synthetic material to aid in the reconstruction of your eyelids. Precise reconstructive techniques and knowledge of the ocular surface can prevent complications and lead to excellent functional and cosmetic results.

There are several types of cancers that can present on the eyelids. By far the most common cancer seen on the eyelids is basal cell carcinoma. Since eyelid tissue is precious, most oculoplastic surgeons work as a team with a MOHS surgeon. A MOHS surgeon is dermatologist who has special training in removing cancers while preserving as much normal tissue as possible. After the cancer has been removed, Dr Zatezalo can then reconstruct the defect to recreate a functional and cosmetically appealing eyelid. Even if the entire eyelid is removed, Dr Zatezalo is capable of reconstructing your eyelid to preserve function and protect the eye.

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