You may notice that you have a round appearance at the corner of your eyelids and dryness of your eye after cosmetic surgery or in general from the aging process. This rounding leads to a “surgical appearance” and interferes with the normal blink dynamic. Correcting this rounded abnormality not only rejuvenates the eyelid by restoring the natural eyelid shape, but also improves your blink dynamic and allows for a healthier ocular surface with an improved blink.

You may also notice that the corner of your eyelids are placed too high after a cosmetic surgery. This not only creates a “surgical appearance,” but also can interfere with your blink dynamic and lead to problems with the surface of your eye. To attain an improved appearance and an improved blink dynamic, the corner of the eyelid is repositioned.

Canthoplasty is an outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Zatezalo


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